schumisa.jpgHaving made the announcement that sporting legend Michael Schumacher is indeed going to continue being part of Ferrari in the role of a ‘super-assistant’, Luca Di Montezemolo finds himself besieged by calls from the F1 community on what the heck a ‘super-assistant’ means. It is rumored that the first of these calls came from Schumi himself who was justifiably curious about the particulars. The first order of business for the team in 2007, according to an insider who doesn’t wish to be named (obviously), is to have a brainstorming session to define the role. Michael has also been invited to participate in this session. The key requirements as of now are that it has be a ‘serious’ role (as opposed to a fluff piece just to keep the Schumacher and Ferrari brands in close association) and that it should involve some kind of occasional assistance (owing to the unfortunate semantics of the job title).

Willi Weber, Michael’s manager, revealed that he had vetoed the initial job offer contract that had been drawn up by Ferrari owing to the following clause in fine print.

“The super-assistant, as part of discharging his normal duties (to be defined), will also be required to step into the cockpit and drive a few races if the need arises.”

Michael Schumacher could not be reached for comment.