iceman.jpgKimi Raikkonen is beginning to feel the heat just a little bit. Stefano Domenicali recently promised to the world that one of his principal duties as Ferrari’s sporting director will be to ensure that Kimi smiles more next year. Not that Kimi is against the rare smile, but to be perpetually smiling when one is limited to guzzling orange juice when thirsty might just be a shade beyond his fledgling thespian skills (Formula 1 drivers are bad actors, even Michael with all his experience could only manage an unconvincing ‘Oops’ after the Monaco disaster). It is known that he has also been ordered to party discreetly and lay off the booze by Jean Todt, while Luca Di Montezemolo is demanding nothing less than two titles for Ferrari in 2007. Coming on top of old-timers Nigel Stepney and Luca Baldisserri politely expressing their reserves about Kimi’s car development abilities (and wistfully wondering if Michael Schumacher would do the needful), it is reported that Kimi feels like he just got married all over again and now has someone else additionally chipping away trying to mould his character.

“Kimi is at his best when you allow him to break the occasional car, shove the occasional marshal and get drunk to his gills” said a sympathetic insider. It comes as no surprise then that he is already contemplating retirement at the end of his current term for Ferrari.