lucapitwall.JPGFollowing on from Ross Brawn’s announcement in October 2006 that he would be taking a sabbatical from F1, much eye brow raising has occured with regards the appointment of new technical director Mario Almondo.

Despite having gained an impressive resume during his 15 years at the prestigious marque, questions remain over Mr Almondo’s apparent lack of race weekend experience.

Fans of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro F1 team are concerned Mr Almondo might have trouble finding his way to the race tracks, let alone pull off wearing an oversized red baby grow all weekend with any kind of panache.

A source within the team who wishes to remain anonymous has been quoted as saying that Mr Almondo was chosen for the role because “he demonstrates an air of authority and has the right qualifications to lead the team into the new era”.

Ferrari were unavailable for comment last night as to why the role had not been given to Brawn’s strategic protegee Luca Baldisserri. Ferrari would also not confirm or deny the rumour that Baldisserri had lost out on the promotion because his hair was too untidy, or because it was impossible to respect anyone as your boss who’s feet could not reach the pit wall floor.

CEO Jean Todt suffice to say was not best impressed when these questions were put to him.