Is it Fernando Alonso? Would it be Kimi Raikkonen? To gain an objective, non-biased perspective, we asked Ross Brawn. “There is no doubting Raikkonen’s raw speed” said Ross after a little thought, “We could have signed him in 2002, but we wanted to test his strength of character, so we sent him to McLaren instead”. There is no doubt that the Finn has emerged with flying colors maintaining his trademark calm during and after the ordeal, though according to an insider, the stint has not been without its after effects. Apparently he still has these nightmares of his engine blowing up during a crucial championship decider. It is rumored that he confided the same to Michael Schumacher during the drivers parade in Suzuka 2006, and Michael might have tempted fate a little when he assured Kimi that would never happen to him in a Ferrari.

Fernando Alonso on the other hand has justified his talent by clinching two consecutive championships, but his mental strength remains under question. There were times during the 2006 season when we here at FFNA feared much for young Fernando’s sanity, thankfully Michael’s Suzuka blowup prevented what could otherwise have been a tragedy. This explains the grave concern in the paddock about 2007, for though Alonso may have his detractors in the F1 community, nobody wants to see him locked away in a loony bin. “It is one thing to have a bad car, any driver can cope with that” said another insider, “It is totally different to have an insanely competitive car that is just plain unreliable”.

It is firmly believed though, that Alonso has inherited Michael’s characteristic of generally being a pain in the neck during the offseason. It is rumored that he spent the whole of last week in Woking getting to know the men and women in the factory and in the process delaying the launch of the new car by two whole days. He also rang up Norbert Haug at 1.00 AM in the night to check on the progress of the car. “What car?” Haug had apparently asked in the ensuing confusion, clearly not at his best when woken up in the middle of the night, before using a few choicy expletives to describe what he thought of the car and of Fernando Alonso. The insider revealed that Ron Dennis patched up things between the two via a conference call placed the next day.

We at FFNA are equally confused about who is the better of the two, and eagerly await the 2007 season for some clarification on the matter.