Rubens Barichello, former Ferrari driver who now drives for Honda, has warned Kimi Raikkonen that he should start winning right away if he wants to be loved at Ferrari. It seems that for some unfathomable reason the top brass at Ferrari expects the contracted driver to perform once in a while, and gets all touchy when he doesn’t. It must be pointed out the Kimi doesn’t even have Michael Schumacher to blame if things go wrong unlike Rubens, though Rubens maintains that there is always a way to blame Michael in F1 and one just has to dig deep…and of course it takes a little creativity.

And speaking of Michael, Rubens also added that he expects the GPDA meetings this year to be very boring as they would actually be discussing track safety instead of ganging up on the sport’s most succesful driver and the latter was always more fun. “I would have been world champion had he not been there” pointed out Rubens bitterly, but then so would have David Coulthard. Infact, if the top twenty one drivers had not been there, Yuji Ide could have been champion, but that is besides the point.

Any last minute tips for Kimi? “Yes” says Rubens wisely, “Never be caught in a press conference without an excuse…I always make up my list well before the season starts”.