Following the suggestion from Jochen Mass, former German F1 driver, that Toyota should retain the services of Michael Schumacher (another former German F1 driver albeit a bit more succesful – he has won 90.5 more races) for the moderate amount of 50 million dollars, it is rumored that Toyota is seriously considering the idea. Tsutomu Tomita (Toyota F1 team principal – bet you didn’t know that) has already placed a couple of phone calls to set things into motion according to an insider. Of course, this information has caused widespread alarm in the Ferrari camp who are counting on Schumacher’s ‘super-assistance’ abilities for the 2007 season, and their promised pay of 6 million dollars does pale a bit in comparison.

If succesful, this deal would make Michael the first ‘super-assistant’ to earn more than any other driver on the grid (If not, it would make Michael the first ‘super-assistant’ anyway). It is also rumored that Ralf Schumacher considers this to be an insult to his own capabilities (as hidden as they might be…if at all existant) and has threatened to withdraw from the Toyota F1 team, thereby adding additional incentive for Toyota to hire Michael. It is rumored that Mr. Tomato…er…Mr.Tomita has been trying to wriggle out of Ralf’s contractual obligations and sees this as a wonderful opportunity.

Jean Todt sounds confident of retaining Michael as his own super-assistant despite the sudden emergence of competition, though this might start a bidding war for Michael’s services. We at FFNA will keep you posted on the developments.