Ferrari will be launching the new car for the 2007 season on Sunday, January 14th. The drivers (Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa) and the top brass at Ferrari are expected to be present. However, the launch will miss the presence of a very important member. No, we are not talking about Michael Schumacher, but of the new car itself.

In what seems to be an attempt to confuse the F1 community, the preview event will not feature the latest creation of the Italian outfit, but will only involve the team and the media twiddling their thumbs. Photographers will not be allowed at the event, and with nothing really to photograph it is difficult to say how keen they are to go in the first place. Massa will be driving the car for the first time at the Fiorano track shortly after, with Kimi scheduled to climb into the cockpit later during the week. Of course, with no car available, all this can only be a matter of speculation.

ms397.jpgIt must be remembered though that this is not the first time this has happened at Ferrari, and last time it was Michael who was scheduled to launch a non-existant car. The ever-enterprising team came up with this idea(see picture on left), and a well-known mimic was hired to sound like a powerful Ferrari engine in the background. Last time around, Michael even declared the car to be eminently drivable and the best Ferrari car ever built (in keeping with the tradition at every launch). It remains to be seen if Massa can handle the situation with the same kind of panache that Michael did.