funnypic.jpg It appears Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari’s sporting director, is taking his promise (that Kimi will smile more in 2007) very seriously, as Kimi Raikkonen stepped into red gear for the first time and posed for several photographs. An insider reveals that Kimi is visibly delighted to be part of the Ferrari camp. Fernando Alonso’s grim appearance, on the other hand, has nothing to do with any sudden regrets about joining McLaren. It is rumored that he accidentally fell asleep at the local barber shop and woke up looking like this (see picture). It can be safely assumed that he ‘no longer considers the place a barber shop’.

It has also been revealed that Michael Schumacher, Ferrari’s new super-assistant (SA), has recommended that Felipe Massa should get the No. 5 Ferrari while Kimi Raikkonen should get No.6. According to Ferrari, this recommendation has nothing to do with Michael’s good friendship with Felipe…nor the fact that Kimi nearly got Michael’s spokeswoman fired recently. It is just that he feels Massa will attract lesser controversy than Kimi – and this is of utmost importance with a No.5 car. It should be remembered that Michael has never managed to drive a No.5 car without making a pig’s ear of it – getting embroiled in at least one deep controversy each time and shaking the very foundations of the sport. Think Adelaide 94, Jerez 97 and Monaco 06 – all with a No.5 car…and enough said. Jean Todt is proud that his new super-assistant has already started making suggestions based on his vast and unique experience, and considers this to be a true asset to the team.