It has now been confirmed that Luca Baldisserri, Ferrari’s former chief race engineer, will be heading operations at the race track. Fears that his height could be held against him have turned out to be unfounded (and really, one must remember that the team is led by Jean Todt who just about reaches Baldisserri’s waist). Luca Baldisserri and Mario Almondo will together handle the on-track and off-track responsibilites respectively of Ross Brawn (who is currently being a nuisance to the local fish population in Argentina).

And just in case there was any worry that Michael Schumacher’s job description was really vague, here is some clarification – “As an advisor to Ferrari, he can do what he likes, but the decisions will be only be taken by specific people who are responsible for certain areas”. That comes as a relief to the tifosi community, now that it is confirmed that Michael can use his ‘vast experience and skills’ to ‘do what he likes’ at Ferrari. It has also been confirmed that he might…or might not be testing the new car (and no one has the first darned clue really).

Stefano Domenicali will be taking over Jean Todt’s role in all but title, and called this the ‘new era’ for Ferrari. He also added that Ross Brawn is always welcome back, though owing to all defined positions already being taken, his role would be similar to that of Michael – in that he can also do what he likes. Meanwhile, Kimi Raikkonen’s innocent revelation yesterday that he has not spoken with Michael since the season ended has come as a rude shock to both Luca Di Montezemolo and Jean Todt, who were both under the impression that Michael and Kimi were in close conversation every day discussing championship strategies. It is rumored that Jean Todt is most severely displeased with his new super-assistant, but could not reach him. Michael was last seen somewhere near Argentina in the company of Ross Brawn and Willi Weber.