Ferrari’s imminent car launch on Sunday afternoon is generating a fair bit of excitement in the media, with conspiracy theories galore to explain the mystery of the missing car. There are the imaginative few who suggest that Ferrari is protecting a new revolutionary aero design, while the general opinion seems to be that the car is simply not ready yet. Of course, there is a section of British media that seems to think Michael Schumacher is somehow responsible for it.

michael-trophy.jpgAnd speaking of the super-assistant, Michael has issued strict instructions that anyone who wishes to present him with a trophy or other similar memorabilia would have to stick to standard dimensions of 12” X 12” X 12”. This comes after the logistical nightmare associated with transporting his previous 1.6 meter tall 200 kg trophy back to his home in Switzerland. Apparently Michael tried suggesting that the trophy should remain in Maranello in fond remembrance of his achievements, but Luca Di Montezemolo would have none of it. It is rumored that he had to bring down a section of the surrounding fence to get the trophy inside his compound, where it now stands next to the water fountain.

Meanwhile, Norbert Haug has reacted to comments from Flavio Briatore that McLaren are running out of excuses and will face a difficult year in 2007. In retaliation, Haug has threatened to make Flavio Briatore eat his words by ‘building a car like we did in 2005’. Though how a car with a frequently exploding engine would prove Flavio wrong remains a mystery.