Photos taken this week at the Ferrari media/ski event at Madonna di Campligio in Italy have caused some tittering in the national media.

Technical Director Mario Almondo appeared in a press conference with Sporting Director Stefano Domenicali, causing a few raised eyebrows not only with his matching outfit to Stefano’s but with his newly coloured coiffure.


Previously Mr Almondo had been seen in photos as a nicely turned out but distinguished looking gentleman with grey hair, and rightly so what technical director would go out without looking like he was having a stressful time of it?

One can only assume this is a ploy by Ferrari Management to confuse their competitors by posing as clones of each other.

Keep your eyes peeled for curly wigs next week.

I suppose the Tifosi should be grateful we don’t have Ron Dennis or Flavio Briatore on the pit wall or it would be slap-heads and sweaty armpits all round.