Since the announcement in September 2006 by Michael Schumacher that he was to hang up his gloves and become the best paid parallel parking attendant in Monaco, rumours have been rife about what would be happening to another Ferrari veteran…..chief mechanic/team co-ordinator Nigel Stepney.


Rumours began when Mr Stepney claimed in September he was looking for a new challenge, thus prompting fans to fear Mr.Stepney would ride off into the sunset on his Ferrari fuel rig and never be seen again.

Nigel was last heard of in November apparently on holiday, this has caused speculation to mount that he has in fact left the team.

However this FFN reporter believes Nigel Stepney has in fact become Ferrari Ambassador to Hospitals following on from his jolly jaunt to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in April. Perhaps he is somewhere right now teaching medical professionals how to brandish giant lollipops, refuel doctors with cups of tea in under seven seconds and how to change patients shoes with an airgun…..fascinating stuff.