newcar.jpgWell first of all, the car was actually present…and so were the photographers (in droves) taking pictures of the car at various angles. If it was Ferrari’s intentions to leave the conspiracy theorists looking like jackasses as early on in the season as possible, they have probably achieved it. Ferrari today launched its incredibly beautiful 2007 challenger (well, one can’t really expect an objective perspective from someone with a pseudonym of FerrariFan) at Fiorano. The F2007 termed an ‘evolution’ of F248 by Aldo Costa (Head of Chassis dept.) will make its track debut tomorrow when it is scheduled to be driven by Felipe Massa.

Jean Todt misplaced his prepared speech just before the press conference and had to fill in the time talking about his shopping experience in Milan the previous day. Pressurized to find something to say, he also inadvertantly blurted out Michael Schumacher’s presence in the garage to take a sneak peek, thereby rendering all Michael’s efforts at secrecy null and void. It is rumored that Michael had bet a substantial amount on staying away from the car launch, and is very upset with Todt as a result. It has also generated a lot of headlines along the lines of ‘Schumacher hovers while Ferrari unveils new car’ making him seem like the friendly, neighborhood ghost.

Kimi Raikkonen confirmed to the press that he was enjoying his life at Ferrari, and things are very relaxed – so relaxed in fact that he has no clue as to when he is scheduled the test the new car, if at all. Felipe Massa, meanwhile, said he is eager to start running the F2007 tomorrow and is looking forward to competing with Kimi this season. “I have always had good teammates” he said, perhaps understating it a trifle considering his last one. He also added that he gets along very well with the Finn.