lewisnando.jpgIt is not known clearly if McLaren has introduced any new rule regarding length of sideburns for its pilots, or if Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso share the same (unimaginative) stylist – but the two McLaren drivers turned up for the car launch looking remarkably similar. This caused quite some confusion in the McLaren camp, especially when their CEO Martin Whitmarsh hailed Lewis Hamilton as two time world champion and hoped Fernando Alonso would learn from him.

Lewis Hamilton (the real one – on the left in the picture) said he was excited about the opportunity to drive the McLaren this season as he has never driven an exploding car before. He returns fresh from a training session held by the team in Finland to introduce team-bonding, which Alonso prudently skipped after learning the only activity involved would be throwing javelins over a period of two days. It remains questionable if hurling javelins throughout the day improves camaraderie, but it was Ron Dennis’s idea. Kimi Raikkonen must be thanking his lucky stars.

And talking of the Finn, he was present along with Michael Schumacher in Fiorana today as Massa took the F2007 out for its debut track run. The two (Kimi and Michael) were overheard having a long, serious discussion on backgammon tactics as Kimi is new to the game. An insider revealed that Kimi feels Michael is playing his advisory part to perfection, though they have not gotten around to discussing F1 yet.