The last four days have seen a lot of activity in terms of car launches for the 2007 F1 season. These include cars with championship potential (Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes, Renault), cars that could possibly win races (BMW Sauber), and the third category of….well, just cars (Toyota).


Nick Heidfeld took the new BMW Sauber F1.07 out for its maiden laps on the Valencia circuit. Incidentally, this is what Heidfeld looks like currently (yes, we at FFN are not entirely sure it is Heidfeld either, but that is what the name plaque in the picture says). It must be remembered that Jenson Button won his first grand prix after a similar growth of facial foliage and an insider revealed that Nick felt it was worth a shot.

Felipe Massa drove the first few laps of the Ferrari F2007 at home track Fiorano and though team-mate Kimi Raikkonen was present, he did not drive the car owing to continuity reasons (Massa has already driven F248 and can give richer feedback). Peter Sauber hinted that Kimi is not very strong in the ‘car development’ department, and the only feedback from him would have been a surprised “The engine did not explode” – and this, though true, wouldn’t have been of much help to the engineers. Michael Schumacher was also on hand to witness the debut run and he was having discussions with the technical team in his new capacity (whatever that is).