Fernando Alonso completed 57 laps of the Valencia circuit in McLaren’s new Formula 1 car – the MP4-22. However he faced some engine trouble in the middle (surprise, surprise!), and though the sight of smoke coming off the McLaren rear end is an all-too-familiar one, no-one anticipated it to be this early. Lewis Hamilton was reportedly disappointed at having missed out on the opportunity to drive an exploding car, the only consolation being there will be many more such opportunities later as the season progressess. Bets are currently being accepted on whether McLaren will get through tomorrow without an engine failure.

michaelgardener.jpgIt has just been revealed that racing legend, Michael Schumacher, has taken a sudden odd interest in gardening and can barely stop talking about germination rate and soil consistency. An insider revealed that Luca Di Montezemolo had promised him a free Fiat Ducato just to shut him up, while no less than 26 Ferrari employees (including Jean Todt) have signed up for a discounted gardening scheme to avoid upsetting the new super-assistant.

Meanwhile Kimi Raikkonen is apparently anxious about the distinct lack of Ferrari F1 cars for him to drive or test (the only Ferrari he has managed to get his hands on as of now is an Enzo owned by a friend). He reportedly raised the issue with a beleaguered Jean Todt, who has promised to correct the situation by lending Kimi his own Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and Kimi is temporarily happy with this arrangement. However, it is still not known when he will get to drive a real Ferrari F1 racing car.