This is all very disconcerting. We know Fake Ferrari News Agency (FFNA) is not the only organization out there making up stuff, but we didn’t expect such mainstream competition. Apparently Mario Illien (yes, the same McLaren engine expert) denies ever having made any statement containing the words Kimi, Ferrari and tank in the same line. He claims he has not given any interview in months, and predicts Kimi will do very well at Ferrari with or without a tank at his disposal. That is settled then.

schumicockpit.jpgMark Webber has opined that the departure of Michael Schumacher will result in more competition, owing to the nasty tendency of the racing legend to win everything in sight. After all, he won an unmatched 7 world championships, and came very close to winning 3 more (losing out on the last race each time). Infact, poor Michael was genetically incapable of finishing anywhere less than third in championship rankings even when driving a turkey. Of course with Ferrari dishing out winner after winner in recent years, the combination had become an unstoppable juggernaut before Bridgestone pitched in (2005) and put the skids on the package. Webber however admitted that his own chances of winning a race this year are equivalent to that of Fisichella winning the championship – which is to say – nonexistent.

As for pre-season testing, Renault thankfully finished ahead of Super Aguiri today, reversing yesterday’s results. Ferrari has finally decided that it might not be a bad idea after all to do some testing once in a while, and will test in Vallelunga next week. They might even be giving Kimi Raikkonen an actual F248 to drive (if he promises to behave and not break it), while Felipe Massa will be testing the F2007.