michaelsub.jpgJuan Pablo Montoya has indicated that Michael Schumacher would never have made it in NASCAR because he (Michael) is not fond of hamburgers. “I have seen him at Subway once” said Montoya with a contemptuous laugh, “He will have a heart attack if you took him to McDonald and asked him to order food”. Montoya also added that he is much happier now than he was as a F1 pilot as he no longer needs to worry if he will fit into the cockpit, and can also play all the tennis he wants to without getting frantic calls from Ron Dennis.

Speaking of the McLaren boss, Ron Dennis says he cannot understand why McLaren is viewed as being “cold, gray and unemotional”. Instead, Dennis believes “we are full of emotion, and we are going to facilitate people realize their dreams”. That explains the closely-cropped similar looking hairstyles for the drivers and subsequent ban on alcohol, though we didn’t realize it was Alonso’s dream to have a 50% retirement ratio. Infact McLaren is gathering a reputation of being a ‘fun’ F1 team so rapidly that Scott Speed and Vitantonio Liuzzi are reportedly very keen to join in the party. It must be remembered that Gerhard Berger is almost ready to give his two drivers the boot after expressing his disapproval of their partying ways, the only problem being he can’t find a replacement. “You don’t find superstars like Schumacher and Alonso at too many parties” pointed out Berger, but then you don’t find superstars like Schumacher or Alonso driving a STR either.