Kimi Raikkonen’s impending Ferrari test debut is creating a lot of excitement amongst the tifosi as speculation builds on who would be the better driver this year – Kimi or Felipe Massa. Of course there is no way we will know immediately at Italy’s Vallelunga circuit as Kimi is scheduled to take out the F248 for a spin while Massa will be testing the new F2007…and one hopes the F2007 will be faster than the F248. But Kimi will be looking to silence his long list of detractors, the latest of which happens to be former boss Peter Sauber. Sauber has hinted that Kimi’s lack of interest in technical aspects of the car might hamper his potential championship challenge. Sauber also added that multiple-time world champions spend a lot of time knowing their cars inside out.


Meanwhile, the new Super Aguiri SA07 (or *cough* Honda’s RA106) failed the FIA crash test which might lead to a delayed car launch. Passing the crash test is mandatory for Super Aguiri as they will have Takumo Sato at the wheel, whose Kamikaze piloting methods are well documented. Sato was a little subdued last year owing to stiff competition from Juan Pablo Montoya (who single-handedly took out half the field in the first lap at Indy 06 – which Sato is yet to surpass). But now with the fiesty Colombian off to play Attila at Nascar, it is expected that Sato will be back at his full potential possibly adding to the excitement by taking out potential championship contenders every now and then.

It is not known if Michael Schumacher will be present at the Vallelunga circuit tomorrow.