dc.jpgDavid Coulthard was present at the Red Bull press conference to launch a partnership deal with Swiss company Oerlikon. “We have to achieve more, otherwise people will have to be replaced” said DC, which is rather odd considering the first person who comes to mind for potential replacement is DC himself. One would have thought he would refrain from reminding the Red Bull management about replacement prospects under the circumstances. “This season has to be better than the last and it will be better than the last” he added. Fighting words from the Scot. On a different note, Spiderman 3 is releasing this May, so we at FFNA have a very good idea of what DC will be wearing at Monaco this year. We hope for DC’s sake that he doesn’t make it to the podium this time around.

Meanwhile our very own Kimi Raikkonen ran the F248 at Vallelunga today and set impressive times despite this being his first attempt at driving the red car. The Finn said the experience was “very nice” in a typical understatement though he refused to compare the Ferrari with its McLaren counterpart. Speaking of McLaren, Ron Dennis denied rumors that he was planning to retire from F1 and start a motorhome design and manufacturing base instead.