It is the dream of tifosi the world over to get the chance to make a visit to the Ferrari F1 garage during a grand prix weekend or even during testing.

What sort of top secret things go on behind those closed garage doors? What do the team discuss? Does Luca di Montezemolo give pep talks on his rare visits? These are all questions that occupy the minds of the tifosi.

The Inside Ferrari photographic book by Jon Nicholson and Maurice Hamilton sought to bring the ferrari fan community a rare glimpse to the inner working of the team in photographic form…but unfortunately did not capture the true essence of what goes on because they forgot to eavesdrop for us.

So it was up to FFN to discover this week what was the main subject of discussion inside the Ferrari garage in Vallelunga, the track near Rome where the team are currently testing.

Luca di: Kimi, I am curious do you wear that hat to hide a bad hair day?
Kimi: *cough* you what boss? what are you talking about? I thought I am supposed to wear the team baseball cap, no?


Luca di: Let me give to you this advice, if you have a bad hair day, come stand next to Baldo in the garage…it will make yours look tidier…..
Baldo: ha thats rich coming from you boss you’ve had the same naff hair since the 1970’s!

And to think we always thought it was discussion about strategy, how to take the opposition off track, neat parking manouvres on street circuits, how to swap places on track without being obvious and bribing the FIA ha!