r27.jpgFirst, the car. The R27 is believed to be perhaps the first F1 car to compete with the rainbow in terms of color range. The car unfortunately looks like the team couldn’t make up its mind on the livery till the last minute and just hurriedly splashed all the colors on just before the launch. Well, with F1 cars now looking increasingly similar and confusing on track, one can’t mistake the Renault for any other car, that’s for sure.

One also distinctly gets the impression that the media is not very confident about Giancarlo Fisichella’s championship potential. Some of the questions asked include – “Are you (really) the number one driver at Renault now?”, “Do you feel that Renault is yet to see the best of you?”, “Can you be the winning driver they need?”, “Renault has shown a lot of belief in you by sticking with you (the poor fools). They (really) think you can do the job, don’t they?”, “Is this your last chance to win the driver’s title?” and so on. A clearly rattled Fisichella finished the press conference by saying he now felt like the spiritual leader of the team (??).

Flavio later said he has invested a lot in Heikki Kovalainen and Fisichella and now all they need to do is to start driving like Michael Schumacher. Yes, that should be easy. Flavio Briatore has always been known for setting realistic goals. Meanwhile, Ferrari’s test session at Vallelunga was hindered by a hailstorm followed by torrential rains – it must be remembered that they shifted to Vallelunga in the last minute because of snowfall prediction at Mugello…no doubt they omitted to check the weather forecast for Vallelunga in all the hurry. They are expected to extend their test session by a day to make up for lost time.