schumisa.jpgKimi Raikkonen revealed that he really likes the atmosphere at Ferrari as things couldn’t possibly be more laid-back. At the offset, there was no blazing hurry to take him out of the McLaren contract and put him in a Ferrari, infact on the contrary he is yet to step into a F2007. He has even grown a small mullet now that he doesn’t have to send in scanned photographs of his hair length to Ron Dennis everyday, and there is a healthy respect for alcohol in the Italian team. Team activities consist of skiing and shopping in Milan as opposed to hurling javelins (like in McLaren), and the team even has its own super-assistant/consultant/advisor/ mentor all rolled into one who barely reports for work. (“There isn’t much of Michael’s input in the new car, it is only from now that he will really start working” said Jean Todt at the car launch…and Michael has not been seen or heard-from ever since).

And now, when they finally decide to put in a little work, they have chosen a track where one can’t drive 10 minutes without sitting out for 50 waiting for the rain to stop. If there were a racetrack at Holt, Montana (where it rained 305 mm in 1 hr) then Ferrari would be testing there.

Kimi also had a small incident at the track today when he attempted to drive through a wall instead of normally going around it resulting in slight suspension damage. It is reported that this pleased the mechanics as it gave them something to do other than twiddling their thumbs and gazing at the rain. It is also seen as a good sign as it has been observed in the past that whenever Michael Schumacher binned his car in pre-season testing, it greatly enhanced his championship challenge. “No crash, no championship” as Luca Baldisserri would say. Meanwhile Felipe Massa continues to set impressive times with the F2007 despite the wet track conditions, displaying hitherto unknown wet weather skills. His rain dance must have really worked.

Ferrari will continue to camp at Vallelunga and study rainfall patterns on Friday. They might be doing something more constructive next week at Valencia.