lewis.JPGWith the promotion of young talent Lewis Hamilton to a McLaren seat this season, it seems the British F1 Media have ditched their love affair with Honda “Star” Jenson Button.

While Poor Jense was setting out on his maiden laps in his new Honda, the press had largely decamped off to Valencia to watch rookie Hamilton stuff his car into a tyre wall. One can only suppose hacks find a good crash far more exciting than watching a sport where the cars appear to go round in circles for an hour and a half on sunday afternoons. And nothing sells papers like a cock-up does it?

The McLaren team have yet to confirm if Hamilton’s accident was a driver error, or that rare unexpected thing at McLaren called a technical failure.

However McLaren team boss Ron Dennis has decided to be the “knight in shining armour” and vowed to protect young Lewis from the slings and arrows of the media on the condition Hamilton stays away from “Crisps, Chocolate, Women and Booze”.

Kimi Raikonnen must be happily rejoicing in his contract at Ferrari at this point, not only is he allowed to drink “discreetly” (although how you achieve that in Italy as a major sports star one does not know) but he can quite happily tuck into a bag of pork scratchings, peanuts or skips crisps while he down’s his pint of Finlandia Vodka.

Something has to be said from having a reputation as a bit of a miscreant….maybe goody-two shoes Felipe Massa should take note…the press might get off his case a bit if he has a pint or two before he stuffs his car into a wall at Vallelunga.