massacrash.jpgAfter four miserable days at the Vallelunga circuit near Rome, outsiders would be forgiven for thinking Ferrari failed to achieve anything positive from a test marred by bad weather, mechanical failure and a crash.

Felipe Massa however, has been the revelation of the test, not for sterling drives or for his amazing feedback to the team…but for his ability to see past the rain, the winds and the debris of his F2007.

Massa has been remarkably upbeat while talking to the Italian Media, claiming that despite the bad weather the squad had managed to achieve some work, the car had felt good (presumably before it hit the barrier and not after) and that they felt they were making positive progress.

Luca Colajanni must be in fear of his job in the light of Massa’s revelations, because anyone who can find so much positivity out of such a dreadful turn of events must be either on medication or a media relations genius.

Meanwhile Kimi Raikonnen was seen heading away from the track with a broad grin, presumably because it wasn’t him smashing up the car for once in his career.

Now all Ferrari need to do is employ someone who can read weather reports and they are set for global domination.