drunkkimi.jpgWhen a drunk Kimi Raikkonen slipped on the boat and landed on his head, little did he know that the moment would be captured on video and preserved for posterity. It is perhaps with a mild feeling of reproach that he watches the video on YouTube if at all (though its entertainment value is undeniable). The general opinion seems to be that this image doesn’t quite gel with the sober driven-to-win approach that his predecessor established in the team. On the contrary, Jean Todt (Ferrari CEO) insists that Kimi will do just fine at Ferrari, and that Michael Schumacher was just as liable to do half-baked things sometimes, if not worse. Michael’s penchant for getting into trouble is well known and documented. “Drivers like Michael and Kimi like to do all their talking on the track” explained Todt.

Jean Todt also revealed he might have inadvertantly caused the Monaco parking incident by repeatedly urging Michael on the radio to produce something special that would give the media something new to talk about. He unfortunately forgot to add ‘something positive to talk about’ and in the ensuing confusion, Michael figured parking the car at Rascasse ought to do the trick.

Meanwhile McLaren called off the test at Valencia today owing to bad weather conditions. It is believed that the rainfall might last till end of next week, which probably explains why Ferrari have scheduled their upcoming test session there. It is expected that Kimi will be making his debut with the F2007 next week, if the weather permits it.