David Coulthard clarified that his earlier statements about Lewis Hamilton were taken out of context. Apparently he did not say Hamilton was too young to be in F1, nor did he say racing in McLaren would destroy his confidence. All Coulthard actually said was that at 22, Lewis Hamilton is two years younger than what he would be at 24. Eureka! We never could have figured that one out, so thanks to DC for that piece of information.

kimiwebber.jpgMeanwhile, Mark Webber has said that if he were Kimi Raikkonen, he would feel ‘suffocated’ by the presence of Michael Schumacher during practice sessions. Kimi Raikkonen in turn has said that only an idiot would not take advantage of Michael’s advisory role in the team. By transitive laws, it would appear that Kimi has just called Webber an idiot, and this kind of proves the suspicion we have had all along about DC’s new teammate. It has perhaps never occured to Webber that F1 pilots need not remain F1 pilots their whole lives, and can sometimes play other roles after retirement.

McLaren might find themselves a star driver short at Melbourne, as Fernando Alonso was recently photographed sipping on a glass of wine during dinner with his fiancee (who had threatened to break up with him if he ordered for fruit juice with steak). It must be remembered that Ron Dennis had issued a ban earlier this month for his drivers to consume alcohol in any form. It is rumored that Gerhard Berger has sent a text message to Alonso offering him a STR race seat just in case. Frank Williams has protested that STR cannot compete in the championship after borrowing its chassis from Red Bull, its engine from Ferrari and its driver from McLaren. We will keep you updated on the developments.