Rain is expected in Valencia ahead of the mega test session on Tuesday with Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, BMW, Toyota, Honda and Red Bull all participating (Incidentally, it is all bright and sunny in Vallelunga this week). That leaves out just Spyker, Williams, Super Aguiri and STR. Of course, SA and STR have nothing to worry about as long as Honda and Red Bull are testing. Williams and Spyker are too busy protesting customer cars that they haven’t quite had the time to develop their own.

After the disastrous test session that Ferrari had last week with Felipe and Kimi driving roughly five laps a day before finally trashing their respective cars on the last day, they would be hoping to correct things in Valencia. Massa has wisely opted to sit out while Kimi Raikkonen will try out Ferrari’s new challenger for the first time. This session is expected to give a good indication of where the cars stand respective to one another, though Ferrari is confident that with this hard-working new team (below), they stand a very good chance this year.


Meanwhile, it is that time of the year again when Bernie Ecclestone threatens to axe the Silverstone grand prix. This time around, he is suggesting replacing it with another race in Chicago (last year he was suggesting having no races in USA, now he wants two), and even one in Abu Dhabi. It might be in one of those man-made islands, the only hitch being the islands are just a few feet above sea level. So if the race is held with high tide on a full-moon day, we might need submarines instead of cars. Michael Schumacher will be in Abu Dhabi from Feb 1st to 4th to promote the idea, and it is rumored that he will be offering free helicopter parking in the part of the ‘world’ strategically gifted to him after his retirement last year.