At the end of the second day of winter testing at Valencia, Ferrari driver Kimi Raikonnen has dismissed claims by the media that he should be concerned by the pace of rival teams in comparison to his own.


The Flying Finn has remained calm despite the Ferrari team being besieged so far by ‘bad luck’ in testing, first there was the weather in Vallelunga and a crash, followed by more weather at Valencia (where can you go these days without some weather? eh?) and enough red flags to set the spanish bull population into a mad frenzy.

Is the young Ferrari driver concerned that rival Alonso seems to be setting faster times? it appears not. Kimi has been quoted as saying “I am not paying attention to what the others are doing, we are just doing our own thing”. Whether this lack of concern stems from the fact his brain is pickled by the copious quanties of Chianti he is getting at the Montana Restaurant, or from the fact he knows McLaren is about as likely to win the championship as a bunch of chimpanzees are likely to type the complete works of shakespeare in their spare time, is not immediately obvious.

However the lack of Italians running around screaming, tearing their hair out and calling for ritual beheadings has to be a positive sign. Not that this usually happens at Ferrari you understand.

Are Ferrari keeping their hand well hidden? Are they sandbagging? Are they about to blow the opposition off the map? Do Ferrari have a devious plan up their sleeve?

Whatever the answer, the usually dour young Finn hasn’t stopped smiling since he stepped foot inside Maranello…..if I was of suspicious mind I might start looking for Sporting Director Stefano Domenicali wielding an electrified cattle prod in the background……