In years gone by Formula 1 was synonmous with daring drivers risking life and limb in slightly dodgy cars at dangerous race tracks and they didn’t even break out into a sweat. The more dangerous the better and afterwards they would all retire to the local bar for a few beverages and to recount their jolly stories of daring-do, with a dolly bird on each arm.

How much Formula 1 has changed….while the sport is still pretty much about driving fast cars round in circles with a few spectacular kabooms thrown in for good effect…the sport is just not what it was.

Gone are the on-track spats where you would drive your opponent off the road to nick his championship, or the odd punch-up down the pitlane….or do dodgy manouvres at the start to block the opposition from getting a better start…

All these things now are frowned upon and usually get you frog marched to the stewards inquiry room, where you receive a smack on the back of the hand if your lucky, or if your really unlucky your pocket money gets taken away and the irritating twit you were fighting with gets promoted ahead of you on the grid just to rub it in.

Gone are the days when engineers actually kept quiet and got on with their work rather than flouncing off to the press when they don’t agree with the boss.

Instead it seems it’s the done thing, not to do your talking on the track but to engage yourself with the F1 hacks and have a good old bitch about whatever is annoying you this week…the more public the better.

“What handbag shall I take to the track today? the Gucci or the Fendi?”

For a sport thats has for so long been completely male-dominated, they do a fantastic impression of a bunch of middle aged fishwives slogging it out with their handbags….

I’m just waiting for them all to start turning up in dresses once the 2007 season kicks off…