Since Ferrari launched its new F1 car the F2007 on January 14th there has been much guffawing and finger-pointing going on amongst the rival technical directors in the sport.

Ferrari have opted this year to produce a car with a longer wheelbase which has been the source of much amusement. Meanwhile the rest of the grid have opted to produce cars with a shorter wheelbase to ensure better tyre management at the rear of the car. Have Ferrari lost their rubber marbles?


According to one source Ferrari have obviously been so engrossed in in-house fighting and bickering since Ross Brawn left (as Italians do according to Niki Lauda), that they have neglected to pay attention to the technical details needed to produce a championship winning car. Of course if Michael Schumacher hadn’t been on gardening duty at the time none of this would have happened!

One rival pointed out of Ferrari’s car “It’s a high risk strategy and with all the changes they’ve had with staff, if it goes wrong they’ll struggle.” (C’mon this is Ferrari they like nothing better than cloak and dagger and high risk strategies…they don’t feel they have done a good job unless the tifosi are really sweating it).

Sources inside the team have revealed that the reasons for the longer wheelbase are in fact quite sensible. Having a longer car yet the same enginer power and tyres as the opposition, could ensure you get to the first corner of the track first, takes longer for your rivals to overtake you and in a mad dash for the line you could get there a few centimetres earlier….maybe there is method to the madness after all.