Do you remember as a small child playing the party game Musical Chairs? ..the one where you would all dance around a bunch of chairs in the middle of the room and when the music stopped you had to quickly find a seat?

Well it would seem Ferrari Technical Director Mario Almondo decided to give the technical staff a go at his version of the game recently at the Gestione Sportiva as a bit of an ice-breaker.

According to sources, seats were lined up in the dining room each with a job title on, the staff were then asked to dance about until the music stopped and then rush and find an available chair.

Poor old Nigel Stepney unfortunately wasn’t quick enough (that ankle never did recover after Michael smacked it one) and has been assigned the job of lollypop lady which would explain why this week he has been stamping his feet, going red in the face and screaming “its soooo unfair!”.

Super-Assistant Michael shows Nigel how to wield a lollypop

Other Ferrari staff also had mixed fortunes in the outcome of the party game. Kimi Raikonnen has been given the job of front jack-man while fellow driver Felipe Massa will now become the T-car mechanic.

Kimi: “Felipe! which is the front end of the car again?”

Stefano Domenicali and Ross Brawn (in his absence) have been given the task of being F1 photographers. Although how one can take a photo of an F1 car when your knee deep in mud fishing for trout in the back of beyond is a mystery.

Ross: “Stefano….I’m going to get that Sutton character good and proper, stick the flash right in his face!”

The only one who came out with a really positive result was little poppet Luca Baldisserri who has been given the chance to be a racing driver. Michael Schumacher’s son Mick was able to lend him a suitable sized racing suit, while Aldo Costa has been sent off to find some cushions so Luca can see over the steering wheel!

Go! Go! Go! but can he actually reach the pedals?

Tune in March 18th to see how they all get on in their new roles.