kiminando.jpgIt is being rumored that the departure of key personnel in Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn and Paolo Martinelli is leading to internal trouble at Ferrari with discontent brewing about the new management structure. For one, Kimi Raikkonen looked highly displeased having to sweat it out in a red racing suit and polo-neck perhaps wondering why he couldn’t just dress casually like his McLaren counterpart Fernando Alonso. An insider reveals that he had a few cold words with sporting director Stefano Domenicali about the same, as it had been Domenicali’s idea that he should do the drivers parade in his racing suit. However in keeping with his new avatar, he had his now-usual smile plastered on his face, concealing his displeasure like a diplomat.

Meanwhile, Alonso maintained a grim countenance throughout, in stark contrast to his usual cheery disposition (maybe it is just part of being a McLaren driver). It is however rumored that he was sulking after Ron Dennis refused to allow his favorite teddy bear along on the trip. The teddy, as it is well known, has accompanied Fernando to all race circuits so far and its presence was deeply missed by the world champion. The stuffed toy was last photographed wearing a stylish ‘Alonso’ headband. (picture below).

nandoteddy.jpgMichael Schumacher clarified that his role in Ferrari is undefined because it is his wish that it be that way as it would absolve him of any responsibility whatsoever. He opined that ‘we made the right decision in hiring Kimi Raikkonen’, backing the Finn to shine in the Scuderia camp. The 7 time world champion also seemed to be under the impression that he has attended all Ferrari practice sessions and meetings this year, and was deeply surprised when informed that Ferrari had tested at Vallelunga and Valencia the past two weeks. It must be remembered that Nigel Stepney is also the test technical manager, and in all the recent agitation perhaps forgot to inform Michael about the test sessions. One can’t help but feel that this new Ferrari staff makes Kimi Raikkonen seem assiduously hard-working in comparison.