spykerferrari.jpgFinally Ferrari had two F2007 cars ready to go at Jerez today…but only one racing driver turned up for work. Felipe Massa fell sick after his recent trip to Abu Dhabi, and was replaced by Luca Badoer in the last minute. However it looked like there was an abnormal abundance of Ferrari cars on the test track today, what with the recently launched Spyker also bearing a startling resemblance to the F2007. Fernando Alonso will have to be extra careful before driving a red car off the track now, for all he knows it could be Albers in a Spyker. (Look at picture on right). Of course as a Ferrari supporter, one hopes that the Ferrari will in general be faster than the Spyker, and that will be a good distinguishing feature. Still a word of caution for the tifosi community, if you see a Ferrari smoking – look again and make sure it is not a Spyker before letting the blood pressure run amok.

Kimi Raikkonen continues to remain unperturbed about McLaren’s pace during preseason testing with Pedro de la Rosa topping the timesheets at Jerez today. An insider reveals that Kimi has a been-there-done-that attitude about the whole thing, and has learnt from years of experience at McLaren never to take their test times seriously – it is apparently inversely proportional to their performance during the season. One hopes for Adrian Newey’s sake that this is true for Red Bull as well.

Finally, we have heard rumors of Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn becoming team owners in the past, but here is a video of Murray Walker trying to convince Bernie Ecclestone that he owns McLaren. Note: The video was found on YouTube and not uploaded by FFN.