FFN has been pondering all week what really has anything that goes on at Ferrari got to do with Red Bull’s Mark Webber?

Earlier in the week Webber publically criticised Ferrari for having Super-Assistant Michael Schumacher attend testing sessions, where new pilot Kimi Raikonnen was driving the car. Webber suggested that the young Finn would find Michael’s presence suffocating.

Why does the Australian driver feel need to make comments on every little thing that goes on at Ferrari Scuderia Marlboro?

After trawling the photographic archives it became quickly apparant what the problem was….

Mark bending the ear of Stefano Domenicali

Mark bending the ear of Ross Brawn

Mark bending the ear of Michael Schumacher

Mark sweet talking Marc Gene

Mark following poor Stefano down the paddock

Poor Stefano hiring two body-guards

Either Mark Webber has had an identity crisis brought on by drinking one too many of his teams popular caffeinated beverages and now thinks he is in fact Michael Schumacher’s Manager Willi Weber or the other and not at all likely option, the hand-bag wielding australian is angling for a drive with Ferrari.

After all linking your name in the press is bound to get you a drive at the Scuderia, right Kimi? failing that Mark you could always take to stalking the team and pretending….right your already trying that?

innocently signing a few Ferrari caps *ahem*