A Monaco court has fined David Coulthard 500 Euros for crashing his Mercedes in the principality in 1999 and injuring a woman passenger. Apparently Coulthard hit a wet patch and  spun out of control. Now, it is known that DC’s wet weather skills are nothing to write home about, but really…one would have expected a spot of rain wouldn’t have been that much of a bother for a F1 driver when driving on a normal road. “It just proves you never know what to expect with DC” said an insider. It comes as no surprise now that DC botched the job at Spa 98, causing a cruising Michael Schumacher to crash into him and costing Michael (who was understandably livid) the championship. Poor DC clearly didn’t have a clue then as to what was going on in all the rain.


Picture (left): Kimi Raikkonen and race engineer Chris Dyer – “Are those really my lap times?” 

Felipe Massa, having recovered from flu, set the fastest time today in Jerez, upto 0.3 seconds faster than his teammate Kimi Raikkonen. Hopefully this can be explained by the two drivers being on different test programs, otherwise Ferrari is going to look very silly paying Kimi four times the amount they are paying Massa. Of course they would also be justified to look askance at Michael Schumacher who has been plugging Kimi since 2001 and pretending to be a gifted talent scout. However there is great faith in the tifosi camp that Kimi Raikkonen will live up to his reputation as probably the fastest driver in the current grid, and one has to give him some time to become acclimatized.

Incidentally owing to conflicting reports it is not known correctly if Massa completed 46 laps or 101 laps. Never mind that the latter is more than double the former, these miniscule variations sometimes creep into testing reports (probably due to rounding off). Kimi was not able to do many laps either owing to a ‘known’ technical issue followed by bad weather.