Fernando Alonso feels McLaren are not ready to win yet and have a long way to go. In an outburst that sounds suspiciously like mind-games by the world champion (even Fernando Alonso cannot be flipping out this early – it usually takes him till mid-season to start acting strangely), he said “the car is not even close to ready for Australia and time is running out”. He also added that “Renault will start the season well, but they will get worse as usual”. A surprising comment considering he said this at Viry barely two months back – “Thanks to you, I have had an amazing engine. The V10 last year and the V8 this year were fantastic. One failure in two years, this year in Monza, it is amazing – and almost funny when you look back at it. I had a super engine, a great car, and I just tried to drive to the maximum“. Either Ron Dennis has already brainwashed young Alonso, or the insanity runs deeper than we think.

This seems to be the time of the year in general to vent out feelings about former colleagues. Mike Gascoyne earlier stated that Jenson Button lacks that ‘spark’ to be a championship contender, while Flavio Briatore opined that Alonso is overrated. Nobody has spoken to Rubens Barichello yet, otherwise Rubens would no doubt have a lot to say about Ferrari and Michael Schumacher.

felipe.jpgKimi Raikkonen proved to be the odd one out when he refused to compare McLaren and Ferrari or comment on if he is ‘happier’, just stating that he is ‘happy’. While the tifosi are pleased to hear that their new driver is ‘happy’, they would no doubt be more pleased to hear that he is fast and winning races – something that we hope will come to pass this year. With a driver lineup containing two proven race winning drivers in Felipe and Kimi, Ferrari will be hopefully aiming for both championships. Incidentally Bernie Ecclestone agrees and he thinks Felipe Massa will be champion this year. Felipe will not be pleased to hear that, considering the Bernie jinx. Last time Bernie said he would put his money on someone, he ended Michael Schumacher’s five year championship winning streak. Of all the years he could have chosen to predict Michael Schumacher would be champion, he chose 2005. Enough said.