So far winter testing has been nothing but a nightmare for Ferrari, it seems no matter where they turn up to test the F2007 the rain clouds have followed them. This has meant the team have been unable as yet to complete the full testing programme intended, and they have spent more time than usual testing wet weather tyres and set-up which is all very well if you want to race all year in England…but won’t be much use for Bahrain, Australia or Malaysia.

Alot of the F1 teams are now looking ahead to the test in Bahrain, which is considered to be the first real assessment of just how fast and reliable they all are. Ferrari must be praying that it doesn’t rain there as well…and it is rumoured the team have even taken to flying the Ferrari weather cow out to the Bahrain state to ensure the clouds stay away. You know what they say about cows lying down in fields don’t you?


Ferrari have also admitted the car we have seen so far is not the same car we will see in the season F1 opener in Australia, which makes one wonder what was the point of the car launch then? lets hope its not Luca di Montezemolo’s Fiat Stilo that gets wheeled out onto the grid in Melbourne.

In a matter of weeks Kimi Raikonnen has gone from media darling and championship favourite to becoming the backdrop for a dartboard. The poor Finn has been on the receiving end for flack from some fans because his testing times have yet to match that of team mate Felipe Massa. Kimi has admitted to struggling to get to grips (excuse the pun) with the new Bridgestone tyres which are much harder and slippier than the Michelins he is used to racing on. Of course its easy to forget poor Kimi has been used to driving the equivalent of a firework on wheels the last five years, so driving consistently round in circles without very much happening must be a very strange experience…

Massa’s reputation meanwhile goes from strength to strength, not only has he got Bernie Ecclestone singing his praises and popping down the bookies to pop a few quid on him, but he has been impressing the F1 hacks with his media skills again. This time he has been modestly playing down Ferrari’s chances by claiming that BMW are the team to beat….”The McLaren surely looks fast, but in my opinion the BMW Sauber is the best of all at the moment,” claimed the dimunitive Brazilian as he chatted to the Italian media. No doubt its all a ploy by Ferrari to downplay expectations ahead of the start of the season, who wants to bet that Fiat Stilo has a jet engine in it?