Seven out of 10 leading F1 personalities think Fernando Alonso will be champion this year. The remaining three (Bernie Ecclestone, Stefano Domenicali and Jean Alesi) think it will be Felipe Massa. That leaves zero for Kimi Raikkonen, and the season has not even begun. Zanardi joins a long list of detractors who all believe that Kimi in addition to not being able to develop a car also breaks the one handed to him. Illien may or may not have suggested Kimi needs a tank, Frank Williams thinks Kimi is not committed enough, Ron Dennis thinks he is lazy, Peter Sauber thinks he is not good at car development and Flavio Briatore thinks Kimi is overrated…well, Flavio thinks everyone is overrated, so that one does not count. Montezemolo wants both championships, Domenicali wants him to keep smiling (despite voting for Felipe in the poll), Todt wants him to drink/party discreetly, and the gosh-darned super-assistant who is supposed to be helping him settle in is nowhere to be seen. Baldiserri and Stepney want Michael testing, and Mario Almondo doesn’t even know who Kimi is as he hasn’t watched any F1 till now (but is planning to before the season commences). Mark Webber thinks he is a psychic who can read Kimi’s thoughts and is mouthing off the same to the press, and speaking of the media – they seem to be monitoring everything about him from his testing times to what he drinks and when. Well…FFN welcomes Kimi Raikkonen to the world of being a star Ferrari pilot…and it might be a good idea to give the poor chap some space to breath.


Kimi and Flavio: So, you still have that racing seat available? 

Kimi can however draw consolation from the fact that Michael Schumacher underwent 11 consecutive years of the same treatment, and seems to be relatively sane at the end of it(except when he gets these sudden urges to park his car during qualifying). It was perhaps this empathy that caused Michael to come out of his self-imposed exile to vouch for Kimi before disappearing again. So when a well known German tabloid calls Kimi a catastrophe (as it did yesterday), Kimi would do well to remember that the same tabloid suggested in 2003 that Michael should take to milking cows as he had lost his racing touch. Considering Michael went on to win 2 more championships and nearly a third in the four years since, one can assume there isn’t much in what these tabloids say. Driving for Ferrari, though an incredible honor, has always been the toughest challenge, even more so than coping with Ron Dennis in McLaren. One can only imagine what would happen if Kimi were to say – “the only thing I like about Ferrari is the car color”, like Alonso just said about his new team.