Jarno Trulli is not happy with his Toyota car. “We have had too many problems around the car to really judge it” he revealed, “I have not been able to change the setup at all”. Jarno Trulli thinks Ferrari and McLaren are looking really strong. Massa and Raikkonen think Ferrari has been having a few problems and in turn think McLaren and BMW are on top right now. Moving on to McLaren, it is well known that Alonso feels the car is just not ready and only the livery is impressive currently, so he points to Ferrari and Renault. Kovalainen of Renault thinks Ferrari and McLaren are looking good, and Kubica of BMW is worried about tyres and thinks he will have to start learning to drive all over again.

That settles it for all the top teams then – maybe it would be Red Bull to the fore. But Adrian Newey in his eagerness to build a fast car has built something Mark Webber will not fit into, and DC…well…we will leave it at that. That leaves Williams, Spyker, STR and Super Aguiri, with the former two threatening to drag the latter two into court, and the latter two refusing to budge. If the customer car row is settled in favor of Spyker and Williams, we at FFN don’t see how STR and SA will compete without cars, unless their drivers display superman-like capabilities and can run with super-speed.

sutil.jpgAfter this elaborate analysis, FFN concludes that the 2007 championship will be a hard-fought battle between Toyota powered Williams and Ferrari powered Spyker. As Ferrari fans, we are betting on Spyker to win with their concert pianist leading the charge. Just in case nobody knows what Sutil looks like – here is a picture. Adrian Sutil for world champion, anyone?

Note: Michael Schumacher was scheduled to be in Australia today to present a trophy for the swimming world championship along with Ian Thorpe (who is also retired). It is not known if he made it. It is also not known if Roger Federer and Tiger Woods went along. And no, they are not thinking of forming a new ‘league of extraordinary sportsmen’.