Barcelona! what a beautiful horizon, Barcelona! like a jewel in the sun…..or so we thought (please excuse my singing).

This morning 11 Formula 1 teams took to the track at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona in Spain for the last European test to take place prior to the beginning of the F1 season.

At 9am the sky was full of sunshine (even though the Ferrari weather cow was not there) and the teams were so eager to get out on track there were queued in the pitlane for the lights to go green. All in all a promising day of testing was in prospect.

Unfortunately for Ferrari they bad luck continued when Felipe Massa didn’t even managed to complete a full lap when his car stopped out on track with smoke billowing out of it due to an electrical problem. Kimi Raikonnen didn’t manage much better either with a different electrical problem affecting his car.


Then to add insult to injury while Ferrari were scurrying about in the pits like an army of ants fixing the problem, the skies opened and a donwpour began. One has to wonder at this point just how miserable the team must be feeling because they seem to be getting thwarted at every turn by something.

Ever the optimist Luca Colajanni the team’s spokesman chirped up “Yes we had some problems” and “but they were nothing big mainly electrics” he also added “However Kimi and Felipe lost track-time, half a day…then just as we are ready to resume down comes the rain”.

Asked by journalists where they thought they stood in relation to the other Formula 1 teams who appear to be having a little bit more luck, Colajanni coyly added “We are competitive, I don’t like to make rash predictions and say we are more or less competitive than I truly believe. The thing is we have a good basic package, a package we can build on therefore we are confident”.

Well you have to hand it to them….they still seem fairly chirpy…so either they have something up their sleeve or Stefano is about with his cattle prod again….

Ferrari wouldn’t comment on rumours that a member of the team had been spotted heading out towards the track with a packet of drawing-pins and a big grin, to even things up a bit.

Then in the afternoon when the rain had finally stopped our pair of intrepid drivers took to the track and racked up credible 5th and 6th ranking of the day despite havin an attack of the electrical gremlins, putting in respectable times of 1.23.077 for Felipe and 1.23.215 for Kimi.

Forza Ferrari!