schumitortoise.jpgRay Evernham who works for Daimler Chrysler has issued an open invitation for Michael Schumacher to come over to NASCAR. “I’ll put him in a red car, a real good car, any time he wants to come over here and try it,” said Ray, “A lot has changed in recent years. These cars are looked on as much more sophisticated than they used to be. I think he’d find them technical enough to keep him happy.” Now we know Schumi can be a kid sometimes and likes to play with toy tortoises during press conferences, but honestly – to try and tempt him to come to NASCAR by promising him a ‘red car’ seems a bit of a stretch. Next thing you know Roush Racing will be offering him a red car and lots of candies/chocolates, and that is something even Schumi will find tough to turn down we are sure.

In Ray’s defense, he probably thought it would go like this.
Q: Would you consider driving in NASCAR?
MS: “Personally, I wouldn’t do it. What do you do in NASCAR? What is exciting there? I can’t see that, running around on ovals.”
Q: We will paint your car red!
MS: Ooh well, in that case, certainly. That changes everything.

Alain Prost feels the 2007 season is impossible to predict owing to sweeping changes in driver lineup and rules, and given his knowledge and command over the sport, we at FFN have to admit that our championship predictions posted yesterday (The PreSeason so far) should probably be taken with a pinch of salt – don’t go to the bookies with the Adrian Sutil tip just yet. Prost says that Alonso will do well at McLaren owing to psychological reasons, because it has been his childhood dream to join Ron Dennis’s team. Now this is certainly news to us as we were under the impression that Alonso joined McLaren because Renault’s F1 future was uncertain in 2005. At least that is what Alonso said last year – but one can’t go by that of course as the man is quite prone to saying entirely contradictory things at the drop of a hat (“Michael is the most unsporting driver…it is a privilege and honor to race with him”, “Renault was certainly the best team and deserved both championships…they will grow worse during the season as usual” – just to name a few). And whichever way one looks at it,  it is difficult to see how it could be anyone’s childhood dream to work with Ron Dennis. Prost also feels the integration of Raikkonen into Ferrari will not be easy – but isn’t that what Ferrari is paying its new super assistant 6 million for?

A word of warning finally – Jacques Villeneuve will be releasing his debut album – Private Paradise – in Montreal on Feb 19th.