After a disastrous day yesterday at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona, where gremlins in the electrics and rain put paid to any serious work, Ferrari were hoping for better things today.

The day started off slightly chilly but the sunshine quickly came out and Ferrari were able to capitalise on the ideal conditions to get down to some hard work.

According to various sections of the German Media the F2007 was on track today with some new parts that were being tested ahead of the F1 season opener in Melbourne. Although they could not confirm what these new parts were…so its a mystery how they know that there were any….armchair aerodynamicists everywhere will be getting no sleep tonight.

Ferrari Driver Kimi Raikonnen had his bottle of Finlandia Vodka confiscated and was sent out on track to rack up a massive 154 laps, which is double a grand prix distance. This must have seemed like an awful long day for him, as in previous years at McLaren he has usually retired due to a technical failure and got into a nightclub by half-distance.

Felipe Massa was also on track today, completing 107 laps and blowing his nearest rival away with just over half a second with his best lap. Just in case you didn’t know it was actually Kimi who came second. Not bad stuff from the boy from Brazil who nearly got a job working in the F1 kitchens.

The next best time was set by Renault Newcomer Heikki Kovaleinen, and then Fernando Alonso the double world champion who was over 7 tenths slower than Massa. Of course you can’t really garner much from winter testing times as you don’t know what you rivals are upto and even if some ‘sand-bagging’ is going on….but it all seemed to go to Ferrari’s plan today.


Perhaps Luca Colajanni can for once get a bit of peace and quiet and not have to field off questions about chaos at Maranello, in-fighting and staff advertising themselves in Autosport.

Luca looking quite smug… well he might.

Without any controversy or disaster to discuss the German Media had to quickly think on their feet and come up with something news-worthy. And who better to make a few Euros out of? Yes that honour befell Ferrari Super-Assistant Parallel-Parking Michael Schumacher. Even though he was probably miles away with his feet up eating crisps on the sofa and telling Mick and Gina-Maria to be quiet…..he still was the centre of discussion and debate. (Take note Mr.Webber).

German Publication ‘Auto Motor und Sport’ claimed that Michael is being groomed to become the next team boss of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro F1 team. Well why not? so far he has been an assistant, a talent-scout and a gardener, the only person’s job he hasn’t yet been touted for must be the cleaning lady’s. So far Ferrari have remained tight-lipped on the subject…but maybe that is because Luca Colajanni is safely tucked up in bed…..

We’ll keep you posted!