We hate to give undue importance to Mark Webber, but – the important question in the paddock today is how does one make Webber realize that his detailed opinions on what rival teams are doing right or wrong are not really solicited? How does one stop the man really? (non-violently of course, in case you get other ideas). After famously being concerned about what Michael Schumacher’s role in Ferrari is and how that would affect Kimi Raikkonen, Webber now turns his undivided attention to Williams. He thinks it looks really tough for Williams currently, and switching to Toyota will not solve their problems.

“It looks tough for them, it really does” says Webber, before proceeding to bore us stiff with details on how William’s finances are stretched. “We have a Bahrain test at the end of the month which will be good. Williams can’t go because of its finances”. We will say it before Frank Williams does – what business is it of Webber’s anyway? The way things are looking for Red Bull right now, they are going to really need the Bahrain test and with Williams finishing ahead of RB in preseason testing, perhaps it is a good idea for the RB driver to look inwards first.


There were a lot of grim faces at Ferrari in the morning, but Luca Colajanni clarified that this has nothing to do with Ferrari’s preseason misfortunes. Further probing with a highly placed Maranello insider has revealed that Ferrari had organized a highly secure online backgammon tournament (with Michael participating via his specially setup virtual network), but the rain came later than expected and put paid to their plans – forcing them to work in the morning instead. Indeed, it was noticed that things were back to normal after the afternoon thunderstorm with everyone looking quite upbeat at the Ferrari camp. Anyway with no ‘new’ parts and lots of ‘known’ problems, there isn’t much to be done till Bahrain (where it is hoped new parts will come and known problems will be solved). Kimi Raikkonen says Bahrain test sessions will be the real deal, and the tifosi have their fingers crossed.