Today in Barcelona Scuderia Torro Rosso went one better on Ferrari.

Did the unveil a shiny red world championship winning car? er no.

Remember back in January Ferrari claimed “our car might not be ready for the launch….” ? Well STR obviously took a leaf out of the Ferrari “How to get the media in a frenzy” book and went one step further today to launch…………a driver.

Yes there was not a car to be seen, instead they unveiled Vitantonio Liuzzi stood next to some Roman Gladiator Wench…(who obviously couldn’t get her chariot inside the press conference so she parked it outside on double yellow lines).

Liuzzi, some gladiator wench and possibly the new RB3 I mean STR!

The journalists present must have been scratching their heads, what was the point of a car launch without a car? or was it that actually there was a car and it was actually invisible to the naked eye?

Apparantly the new STR car has been designed by Red Bull’s Adrian Newey, but team principal Gerhard Berger was quick to step in and allay suspicions that they are in fact getting one and the same car as the Red Bull Team…just with a different paint job.

“It’s definitely not the same car,” Berger told reporters during the launch event at Barcelona. “It’s very easy to see that. It’s not just the engine, a lot of stuff is different”. Of course this is quite difficult to confirm or deny considering the fact they haven’t actually shown us the vehicle concerned so far….

Berger confirmed that the new STR car was indeed a different interpretation of the Concorde Agreement than that of F1 rivals Spyker and Willians, who incidentally think that STR are a bunch of cheats who don’t design and make their own car.

“We checked it very carefully before we even went down this road and we got from different sources always a very clear understanding we are inside the rules.” Berger insisted at the media event. I suspect the only way they could be inside the rules was if they had taken to cloning technologies and made two Adrian Neweys….(well as long as its not Mark Webber they are cloning).

So it remains to be seen if the new STR is in fact the RB3 with a different coat of Dulux paint on it (and lets hope its a better paint job than Renault’s). No doubt we won’t actually know until later today when the car is rumoured to be launched officially, by Melbourne Spyker and Williams will no doubt have gathered their own legion of gladiators with briefcases and legal papers to lay siege to the Scuderia Torro Rosso garage. Beat that Russell Crowe!