Juan Pablo Montoya has been talking about F1 again. The latest addition to Juan’s pearls of wisdom –
“Everyone thinks of F1 as champagne and caviar,” said Juan Pablo Montoya between bites of steak and potatoes. “I don’t really like champagne and I don’t like caviar. I’d rather have a hot dog.”  

All we have to say on the matter is – honestly, can’t the man stop thinking of food? From a meagre knowledge of psychology, it seems disturbing that Juan has taken to analogizing in terms of items off a McDonald menucard – no doubt he sees the sun as a slab of cooked meat, and the earth as a giant painted egg.

Scuderia Torro Rosso team boss Franz Tost gave an entertaining interview in which he calls Vitantonio Liuzzi a ‘very experienced driver’ – what would one call DC then? He also says he is very optimistic about the car and the engine (neither of which is STR’s – and if I were him, I wouldn’t be so optimistic about the car judging from Red Bull’s preseason performance). Apparently after a careful study of the 2007 rules along with lawyers, the STR team has decided that they are NOT running a customer car, but merely a car that is ‘being made by Red Bull Technology, together with Adrian Newey’. All right then.


Montezemolo to Todt in Italian – “Are you sure it is a good idea to make him the team boss?” 

Last but not least, it is rumored that super assistant Michael Schumacher is no super-assistant but is indeed secretively the Ferrari F1 team boss reporting to Ferrari CEO Jean Todt. An  insider(Ferrari is having too many of them these days) reveals “he has been seen more in Maranello than he has in any of the previous years (probably because previously he has been at test tracks driving the car?). Whoever is participating in these sort of things is being prepared for tasks at a higher level (what sort of things? Playing backgammon?). It must be that of the team boss”. While it is difficult to follow the logic behind that abrupt conclusion in the last line, we at FFN are sure he will be a perfect fit for the role if the rumor is true what with his natural leadership abilities and intense rapport with the team.

It might be a good idea though for Michael to communicate his ideas to his spokesperson every now and then so that they are on the same page – it was precisely this carelessness on Michael’s part that caused his previous spokesman to get fired by Montezemolo after the poor spokesman issued a series of contradictory statements to those from Maranello. Now Sabine Kehm says “Michael’s role in the background of the team is clearly defined” while Michael confessed to being happy about the lack of clarity in his role only a few days back. Kehm also firmly denies the ‘team boss’ rumors, but you can judge the credibility of that. Overall, it was a gratifying day for the tifosi to see Ferrari finish on top of the timesheets with Kimi and Felipe pulling up their socks and finally getting down to business. Forza Ferrari.