Another day another dollar….and another job for Michael Schumacher. The man really is unstoppable…for someone on retirement he is doing a fantastic job of flitting about like a blue-a**ed fly.

Today sources in the media ( have revealed that the 7 times World Champion, super-assistant, parallel parking ace, landscape gardener, pit-lane totty and secret team-boss of Ferrari is preparing to don his helmet and gloves again to test the F2007. This news comes as somewhat of a surprise considering that back in September after announcing his retirement, the Schumacher/Ferrari camp dismissed rumours that Michael would be involved in testing…as he was looking forward to becoming a highly paid couch potato…

Unnamed sources (as usual) claim that the proposed test is likely to happen outside of Ferrari’s current test schedule and point to it taking place at Ferrari’s own private test track at Fiorano, opposite the gates of the factory.

Rumour also has it that four specially designed racing suits have been prepared for the occasion. Details concerning the specifications of these overalls are vague but it is believed that they will be similar to the official Ferrari team outfit with red, white and green detailing. It is also believed that the racing suit will contain strategically placed protective socks designed to protect Michael’s bits and bobs in case his driving has become a bit rusty and he is involved in an embarrassing shunt.

Michael Models the Ferrari team outfit, but where do the socks go?
Baldo looks on lovingly at his former World Champion

All this will be to the delight of Head of Track Operations (or Assistant Technical Director as I like to call him) Luca Baldisserri, whom back in September was grovveling on hands and knees for Schumacher to stay involved in the teams winter testing programme. “It will be very difficult to carry on at this level without him” the little poppet moaned with more than a hint of a tear in his eye.

This turn in events may explain why Nigel Stepney has gone so quiet since his outburst in Autosport recently….apparantly Nigel has been sent out into Maranello town centre to buy beer, airhorns, party hats and german sausages for the barbeque to celebrate Michael’s return to a racing car.

No doubt we will be hearing Mark Webber’s sterling thoughts on the subject in due course.

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