Kimi Raikkonen last spoke to Michael Schumacher during Ferrari car launch. Before that? The Brazilian GP 2006 when they were on the drivers parade and happened to be stuck next to each other the whole time and had to exchange a few polite remarks about the weather. But surely they discussed matters of ‘great pith and moment’ during the car launch at least? Naah…they talked about the weather this time too – but atleast this time it was pertinent as Ferrari was planning to test shortly. Is Kimi planning to speak to Michael sometime soon? Hmm…there is nothing to discuss really, Kimi gets regular updates on the weather from the internet these days. Whatever Michael’s role in Ferrari is – it is clearly not that of helping Kimi settle down in the team – unless they have established some form of telepathic communication. Of course one musn’t forget all the recent rumors about Schumi actually being the team boss but just pretending to be the super-assistant for the heck of it. Which brings us to the next question…

jtyoda.jpg…What exactly is Jean Todt’s role? (And incidentally, doesn’t he look remarkably like Yoda?) He is the Ferrari CEO for sure, but he is also the interim team boss – who might not be attending all races this year. Jean Todt also revealed earlier that he would have announced his retirement last year – had half the team not upped and left already by the time he made up his mind. The word ‘interim’ in his designation would suggest it is a temporary position. So maybe the Schumi rumors are true – but wait a minute, what about Ross Brawn? And what exactly does Stefano Domenicali do as the ‘sporting director’ (which we initially thought was just another way of saying team-boss…but apparently not)?

It is rumored that Ross Brawn returned from a week long trip fishing in the glaciers of New Zealand only to find out the Schumacher name was being bandied about as team boss. A few frantic calls to Maranello later, Ross is apparently temporarily satisfied it is just a rumor, but is planning to limit his fishing to the mainland coast so he will not be too far away from the telephone.

Maybe Ross would be content to return as the technical director, but that would throw both Mario Almondo and Luca Baldisserri out of their respective jobs (already their jobs sound like they were made-up along the way – why wasn’t Baldisserri announced along with Almondo otherwise?). While nobody knows where Almondo exactly came from, Baldisserri is certainly a treasured old-timer in the team. And what has become of Nigel Stepney really? (The man was last heard vehemently complaining about the team structure through all available channels). It appears the only thing certain as of now is our driver lineup (thankfully), and we at FFN will keep you posted on further developments.