Never annoy a small person, they have a habit of being particularly feisty with a penchant for biting your ankles when your not expecting it.

No I’m not talking about Bernie Ecclestone (although he does remind me of that little green sprite from the advert relating to a popular carbonated soft drink) I’m talking about Ferrari’s feisty little Brazilian Felipe Massa.

Bernie Ecclestone hard at work

Not simply content with stealing the limelight from his team-mate in testing, Felipe has turned his attention to telling the team’s critics a thing or two.

According to pit-lane rivals, Ferrari have made a bit of a gaff this year by designing the F2007 with a longer wheel-base. The supposed all knowing technical bods from the rival teams suspect this will not help with managing tyre degradation. I won’t go into the boring nitty-gritty technical details on account I don’t actually know any…and I’m sure Mark Webber will fill you in when he has chosen his hand-bag for today.

Suffice to say, the tiny Brazilian is not impressed with the criticism levelled at his team and has sought to pop a few of his own choice words out into the ether just to set the record straight.

Is that fightin’ talk?

“Before we started winter testing, a lot of people made comments about our new car, saying it looked very different to the others and they were asking if we had got it wrong,” he said. (we can only assume it wasn’t Renault referring to the paint scheme).

“But it’s not important what people outside the team say; what is important is what we achieve on track!
“The new car is the work of the same people who produced the 2006 car, so why should they not be able to do a good job again? They have not forgotten how to design a car in just a few weeks!
“If the car looks different to last year’s, then it is because we felt that was the way to go,” he added rolling up his sleeves with a determined look in his eye.

Aside from the odd rainstorm and electrical gremlin in the works, the Ferrari has been fastest in testing, which would seem to suggest Massa does know a thing or two…and who is going to argue with him…..?