On March 3rd Ferrari will be taking part in a street parade in Melbourne Australia to mark the start of celebrations for the Marques 60th Birthday this year.

60 Ferrari’s with a total over all value of 75 Million Euro’s will be driven from the M1 West Gate Freeway, by the Royal Park up to Lygon Street where they will be parked…starting at 9am which will make for one hugely fantastic drool-worthy car-park.

Not only is the display to celebrate Ferrari’s birthday, but also to encourage more fans to become interested in motor racing and to attend the F1 Australian Grand Prix which will be taking place two weeks later in the city.

Also making up part of the display will be a Formula 1 demonstration although it is not yet confirmed who will be driving the vehicle….could it possibly be 7 times World Champion, Super-assistant, Testing Guru and Secret Team Boss Michael Schumacher in his sparkly new specially designed overalls?

If it were we can be assured of a fantastic turnout to see such a huge star showing what he is capable of in an F1 car going up the high street….however there is one spanner in the works that leads me to think that it won’t be Michael….

….the fact that following on from the last time race cars were allowed to demonstrate in Melbourne, the local police commissioner has banned any demonstration with a vehicle that can travel over 60 kilometres taking place in the city. Which to me seems a bit farcical…why have 60 of the worlds most beautiful and fastest cars not to mention a vehicle from the very pinnacle of motosport…to then not allow them out of first gear?

I suspect Michael could probably push his supermarket trolley faster than the 60kph with both Gina-Maria and Mick in it and his hands tied behind his back. The police commissioner obviously hasn’t got the first darned clue about motorsport then….who is for strapping him to the front of Takuma Sato’s car for the Grand Prix? any takers?

Will Michael be leading preceedings on his push-powered scooter?
Michael: “Don’t Worry Felipe…I’ll get out and push us into first gear in a minute”

Race chief Tim Bamford has said he is not worried about the imposition of the speed limit, and that the important thing was that the event goes ahead on March 3.

“This is not about speed,” he said. “This is an opportunity to promote Melbourne, Australia, and our iconic Lygon Street precinct to the world.”

Sorry Mr.Bamford you’ll be sadly mistaken if you think anyone is going to be looking at your shopping precinct while 75 Million Euro’s of fabulousness goes sailing sleekily past!

Update: Images of the Ferrari Demonstration in Melbourne can now be found at: